First picture is the 1/32” sheet balsa for the prop blades with the grain running 60 degrees to C/L of the prop.




The prop blades and the form. The the 20 degree refinance line on the form is to aliening the C/L of the blades to. The spar for the blades are made from round tooth picks. The prop hub is from 3/32” OD aluminum tube, that required that I sand the round tooth picks spars down to 1/16” dim. to fit into the 1/16 ID of the aluminum tube, not that easy.

I sprayed Windex on the prop blades before tapeing them to the form to dry.

The assembled prop. Drilling the hole in the hub for the prop shaft wasn’t that hard. I used a needle for the drill bit. The pitch of the blades can easily be changed with this hub.

Is the prop hanger made from, a paper clip. After all this is just a simple indoor model, not a “Go for Broke” EZB.

The prop hanger and the thrust bearing. The thrust bearing is made from a short length of hard plastic tube. The Prop hanger can be bent to make thrust adjustments.

The prop assembly in the prop hanger, checking for left and down thrust.

Rolling tissue on a 1/16” form to make the 1/16” ID tubes for the wing mounts.

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